Kel-Gor Limited


Kel-Gor Limited can assist our clients at many points and phases of a project with engineering services. We can assist with design and registration of pressure vessels, boilers, heat recovery units and piping systems that require registration with TSSA or National Board. We can coordinate the collection of your process design data and basic dimension and elevation data to assist in the sizing, development of fabrication drawing details and submissions to the Authority. Project Management and Engineered Lift Analysis are available. As part of our overall service we will assist the client with not just the fabrication of equipment but the installation sequence and lift requirements as well.


We will engineer the final details, registration and fabrication drawing development for Section VIII, Division 1 and Division 2 pressure vessels. As well we perform similar work for ASME Section I Boilers and Heat Recovery systems.


If you wish to inquire how we could assist you in these services please contact us directly or use the CONTACT US link in this web page.