Kel-Gor Limited

Pressure Vessels

Kel-Gor Limited can perform the design of all fabrication details for your pressure vessel. You provide the basic dimensions and design conditions and we will engineer the vessel, assist in the registration, create the fabrication drawings, procure materials and fabricate the vessel. Kel-Gor Limited fabricates to ASME standards and CSA B51. We can register or repair vessels to the National Board. Your vessel will be shipped complete with ASME documentation for your jurisdiction (an example is ABSA) approved by our Authorized Inspector (TSSA-Ontario). Kel-Gor Limited fabricates to ASME and registers or repairs vessels to National Board standards as well.

 We fabricate process pressure vessels to incorporate into modular process modules and cold boxes.

We can install pressure vessels at the job site complete with logistics studies and engineered lift analysis and drawings.

C1 Cold Box Aluminum Vessel.JPGCrude Tower.JPGDemethanizer Tower.JPGReactor.JPGStyrene Tower.JPG