Kel-Gor Limited

Shutdowns / Turnarounds

There are many names for the same type of event: your plant is down, either planned or unplanned, and the schedule to bring the operation back on line must be maintained. Safety, Quality and Productivity are our key focus when performing an outage.


Major Turnarounds recently completed include:

  • NOVA Chemicals 2011 T/A - Olefins Cold Side
  • Shell Canada Sarnia Site 2011 T/A - Cat Cracker and FCCU
  • Imperial Oil Nanticoke Spring 2011 T/A
  • Imperial Oil Sarnia CCIS T/A
  • Imperial Oil ALIS T/A
  • Shell Canada 2010 #1 Crude T/A
  • Shell Canada 2010 ISOMAX T/A
  • NOVA Chemicals 2010 BA2103 Heater Rebuild
  • Lanxess Inc Butyl II T/A
  • NOVA Chemicals 2010 DPG T/A
  • Imperial Oil 2009 CSVU T/A
  • NOVA Chemicals 2009 Pit Stop T/A
  • Shell Canada CR-III T/A
  • Imperial Oil F-606 Furnace T/A
  • Environmental e.g. scrubbers, combustion units, water treatment, etc.


Our approach to planning and managing a plant outage is to perform the work in the minimum number of days with no safety impacts, no environmental impacts, with quality installations and excellent worker productivity. Lean principles and logistics are always integrated to ensure a smooth operations transition and a quality, leak free start-up.


Above all safety of the work force can not be compromised. No one should perform a task or action where they do not understand the risks, what could go wrong and have mitigated those risks. No job is worth an injury. Our goal is ZERO recordable incidents.

Shell Disengager.JPGShell torso installation.JPGShell Frac tower.JPG