Kel-Gor Limited


Kel-Gor Limited is committed to safety and quality in everything we do.

At Kel-Gor Limited we recognize our obligation to protect the health and safety of our employees, our Clients, and anyone else who may be affected by our activities, as a primary responsibility. Moreover, we believe that strong safety programs and exemplary safety performance makes good business sense in terms of reduced costs and improved productivity. 

"Excellent safety performance results from the same effective management that produces good service and high quality."

We shall ensure, as a minimum, compliance with applicable laws and industry codes as well as our client safety requirements.  Beyond compliance, our goal is to avoid preventable injuries and to achieve and maintain excellence in health and safety performance by conforming to a safety program emphasizing management commitment, employee involvement, training, prevention, protection, and performance monitoring. In addition, the Kel-Gor safety program is based on the concept of continuous improvement. Protection of health and safety will permeate our planning and our activities and be a primary consideration in all we do.

All employees must accept their responsibilities under this program, to ensure that safe working conditions and practices are maintained. This responsibility includes the need to work cooperatively and positively with various groups, including our clients, Joint Health and Safety Committees, and the Ministry of Labour. We expect our goal of excellence to be achieved through the support and active participation of all employees.

The use of alcohol and/or drugs can have a serious negative impact on the health and safety of the user and others. Kel-Gor’s Alcohol & Drug Policy has been established to minimize the workplace risks associated with alcohol and/or drug use. This policy is, therefore, an important complement to our health and safety program.

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all of the stakeholders in our business. This will be accomplished through a cooperative effort between all members of the Kel-Gor team and our stakeholders as appropriate.